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Elevate Your Career with Nail Art

Increase your service value & build confidence by mastering the fundamentals of hand-painted nail art.

Did You Know Nail Art Skills
Are Worth A Lot Of $$$?
Whether you're a licensed professional or a nail art enthusiast, nail art can change your life.
As a licensed professional, we all know nail school did not set us up for success in the real world.

In order to succeed we've had to teach ourselves be our own receptionist, our clients therapist, a marketer, an influencer, an accountant, on top of having to teach our selves to do nails.

We're tired of long work days or paychecks that just help you get by or not getting the creative freedom you specifically joined this industry for.

Maybe you're tired of not feeling confident in your skills or taking way too long on the simplest designs.

Tired of sweating when you mess up & hoping the client won't notice.

Or maybe you're not even getting clients who WANT nail art. There's only so many solid color sets we can do before it's just not very fulfilling.

Those are all easy fixes when you master the fundamentals of hand-painting.

But you know what else I realized?

That there are so many ways to monetize your nail art skills that don't even involve taking clients!

People pay big bucks for custom press-ons, social media brand deals pay bigger than some editorial jobs & nail art competition prizes are NOT to be slept on.

You can elevate your career or even start a brand new one, just with nail art.
You deserve more.

More income.

More confidence.

& LESS time working.
It's the skill set that changed my life.
Hand-painted nail art completely changed my nail career.

I went from working in a spa to being recruited by top salons who loved my nail art. I got to compete and work with top nail artists and brands from across the world. Fashion week, video shoots, magazine covers, social media brand deals, custom press-on requests, you name it!

I tripled my salon income.

And all of this was possible through hand-painted nail art.

Through being efficient and confident in my hand-painting skills.

Since then, I've opted to start my own company helping nail brands create product protocol and curriculum based on it. I've just launched my nail app for pros to get nail career guidance, connect with education and be part of a helpful, like-minded community. And I get to work from home, on my own time, helping students master hand-painted nail art with my online course.

Financial freedom and time to do all the things we want, like exploring hobbies, spending time with our families and traveling the world - that's what we all deserve.

It's what YOU deserve.

So, Let Me Help You!
Let me help you get what you deserve out of your career. And we'll do that through nail art.

On your own time! I know you're busy, so this is completely self-paced.

But, it only requires 15 minutes of commitment per day. In only 3-5 days per week, get a new sense of confidence in your hand-painting skills and efficiency in just 30 days.

See real results with the practice you put in and you'll master the fundamentals of hand-painting with my prove "PPP" strategy.

Product Knowledge
Week 1: Understanding Your Products & Tools
  • A Full Breakdown of the Positives & Negatives of Painting with Gel, Water-based Acrylic Paints and Nail Polish
  • A Color Mixing Guide So You Can Create Any Color In Any Shade, Including Skintones, with as Few Colors as Possible.
  • How to Properly Load, Clean and Care for your Nail Art Brushes So They Last a Lifetime Giving You the Most Consistent Results
Prevent Mistakes
Week 2: Fixing & Preventing Mistakes Module
  • Troubleshooting Gel Art Issues Like Blurry Lines, Knowing When to Cure During the Painting Process, and How to Easily Fix Any Gel Art Stroke Mistake Whether It's Cured Or Not
  • How to Quickly Clean Up Any Water-Based Acrylic Paint Mistakes Whether You're Painting On Top of a Gel Base or a Polish Base
  • My Secret Fix to Troubleshooting Painting Mistakes Done with Nail Polish! Hint: You DON'T Have to Start Over or Remove the Base Polish
  • How the Perfect Foundation & Finish Can Dramatically Affect the Outcome of Your Hand-Painted Nail Art & How to Achieve Them
Painting Techniques
Week 3 & 4: Master Foundational Painting Techniques
  • The 4 MUST KNOW Tips When Hand-Painting Nail Art
  • Understand Balance & Brush Control to Master Perfectly Straight Lines Whether You're Painting On You or a Client
  • The 3 Essential Brushes and Techniques You'll Need to Master Painting ANY Size Curve
  • The Secret to Perfect Tapered Brush Strokes
  • How To Get Comfortable Painting Tiny Detail Work with Ease
  • The Fool-Proof Hack to Perfect Polka-Dots
  • Outlining & Flooding Designs
  • Adding Dimension with Blends, Shadows, & Highlights
I'm Also Giving You 3 Free Amazing Bonuses If You Join My Master Hand-Painted Nail Art Course

Ombre Every Way Master Course
(Total Value: $445)
  • Find the gel or polish technique that works best for the nail you’re working on whether it’s long, short, or hard to fade colors with the FULL Ombre Every Way Master Course (Value: $97)
  • Master Gel Horizontal Ombre with the Ombre Brush Technique & the Flat Brush Technique
  • The easiest, No Extra Tool Method For A Seamless Vertical Gel Ombre In Seconds
  • Master Horizontal Polish Ombre With The Bottle Brush Method & the "Sponge" Method (I say this lightly because I don’t use typical sponges)
  • Vertical Polish Ombre Bottle Brush Method
  • EXTRA BONUS: An Entire Module On Glitter Ombre! Includes A Loose Glitter Ombre in Polish & Gel & The Perfect Glitter Polish/Gel Ombre Technique (Value: $49)
  • EXTRA BONUS: An Interactive Troubleshooting Experience Built Into Every Single Practice Lesson! Compare Your Work To Dozens of Examples for Instant Feedback on What You May Be Doing Wrong & How To Fix It (Value: $299)
Master The Bottle Brush
(Total Value: $99)
  • How To Master Basic Hand-Painting Techniques Using ONLY The Brush From Your Nail Polish Bottle, No Other Tools!
  • The Quickest Technique for Horizontal & Vertical Color Blocking With the Bottle Brush
  • Simple Moon Mani & French Mani Curves Using Only The Brush From The Bottle
  • A Fun Abstract Brush Stroke Design Using No Tools
  • An Easy Marble Art Technique Using Only The Bottle Brush
Interactive Instant Troubleshooting
& Personalized Support
(Value: $798)
  • An Interactive Troubleshooting Experience Built Into Every Single Practice Lesson (value: $299)
  • Compare Your Work To Dozens of Examples for Instant Feedback on What You May Be Doing Wrong & How To Fix It
  • Access to Personal Feedback From Me When You Need Some Extra Support (value: $499)
Then it's time to take your new skills out into the real world and elevate your business.

Where you can feel comfortable charging more for your nail art...

Charging more for your efficiency...

Charging more for your confidence...

And get noticed for your design skills.

Here's What To Do Next
If you'd like to feel that confidence, you'll really love my Master Hand-Painted Nail Art Course.

I will always make sure my courses are affordable and accessible to everyone.

So the course is just $297 GET $150 OFF

Think of this as an investment in your career.

Because, you deserve more.

Keep in mind this course is strictly about hand-painted nail art.

So if you're looking to learn manicuring skills or business skills, this probably isn't the best fit for you.

You can always check out the NailKnowHow platform for more education tailored to your path here.

But if you do feel like this is right for you, click the button below to sign up for the Master Hand-Painted Nail Art Course.

Here's What Happens After That
As soon as you click on the link, you’ll set up your log-in information. Once you're logged in, you'll be asked to confirm your payment.

Then I'll send you an email with all the info you need to get started and make the most of this experience, like how to download the app & access your course.

You’ll get instant access to dozens of really straightforward, no-fluff, micro videos that I promise will help you stay focused and engaged so you can fully comprehend what you’re learning.

This course is incredibly hands-on.

You will be painting along with the lessons throughout the entire process.

And the best part? You’ll have access to interactive instant feedback as you work through the course!

That means no more guessing what went wrong and how to fix your mistakes. No more getting frustrated at your results.

All the help you'll need will be right there in front of you, so you never feel stuck!

Here's how the course breaks down: In every module you'll see a step by step training on exactly how to master the fundamentals of hand-painted nail art with macro-zoomed content so you can see the tiniest of details.

In total you get access to over 65 professionally edited and curated educational videos.

But don't worry, everything is delivered in small bite-sized micro-lessons that you can go through on your own time. I even made sure all the necessary hand position/motion lessons have visuals for both right and left hands!

So, if you're ready for more out of your career, let's do this together!
Ready to elevate your career?
Yes, I understand that I'm getting immediate access to NailKnowHow's, self-paced, Master Hand-Painted Nail Art Course
Yes, I understand that I'm getting immediate access to the
Ombre, Every Way Master Course & 2 other Bonuses
Yes, I'm ready to feel confident in hand-painted nail art by learning the fundamentals

Get The Course for $297

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But what do the reviews say?
"This course was fully interactive, fully engaging and fast! I saw a giant improvement in my art immediately after the first couple lessons. If there were more classes I could take on NailKnowHow I totally would. Julie is so supportive and gives constructive criticism that works perfectly to aid you in developing your skills. 100/10" - G.R.
"Great course! I loved that it’s self paced and I could complete it on my own timeline. I really appreciated having the opportunity to receive feedback on my work. It’s very helpful to know what areas that I still need to improve on." - J.P.
"I absolutely loved it. This is something I have been looking for, for a while" - D.O.
"I am so happy that I have invested in your classes! So far I have learned so much valuable knowledge that I have never seen anywhere else (and I take a lot of classes!)." - M.A.
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